South Ockendon

As part of our recent Issues and Options consultation, the local community was asked to give broad comments on their area. The feedback received as part of this consultation is summarised in the below drawings and bullet points.

  • Drug taking and dealing is a problem on Derwent Parade
  • Need to look at ways to preserve and enhance green spaces and the local environment

We are hosting virtual consultation events for South Ockendon for local residents to attend. These events provide the opportunity to discuss the future of Thurrock. 

Click here to view the dates and times of our upcoming events and to access these sessions.  

While we would love for you to join us at one of our events, if you are unable to attend for any reason, you can still access our virtual exhibition room. This digital consultation area provides further information and links to our consultation exercises.  

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Mapping Quality of Place

Through this activity, we develop a better understanding of how some issues identified in the the survey activity relate to specific locations.

Place a pin to identify places within your area that are:

Please leave a note alongside your pin so that we know what it refers to.

Please leave a note alongside your pin so that we know what it refers to.

Your data will be processed in line with GDPR and will not be used for any reason other than as detailed here.


Please share your views on what you feel are the ‘strengths’ and ‘areas to improve’ of your area under each pillar.  We have provided some prompts to get you started.

NATURAL: What can you tell us about nature in your area?
Some things you might want to consider:
  • What are the natural features important to your area? Land formations, waterways, plants, animals?
  • What level of interaction with nature do local people have?
  • Is there any particularly sensitive ecology in your area?
  • What natural areas need to be restored?
  • Are there natural areas that would benefit from being protected/conserved?

BUILT: How do you feel about local architecture and infrastructure?
Some things you might want to consider:
  • Does your local area have its own sense of place and identity?
  • Does it have any buildings of special importance/heritage assets? Special architectural character or local building materials?
  • Is there good access to public transport?
  • Can the day-to-day needs of the community be met by walking?
  • Are there a range of building types in your area – residential, public, commercial? Homes of various sizes and costs?
  • Are the buildings and infrastructure durable? Can they be adapted to changing needs?
  • Are they contributing to or helping mitigate climate change?

SOCIAL: What can you tell us about your local community?
Some things you might want to consider:
  • Is there a sense of pride in your community?
  • Is it close-knit? Are there clubs/events which promote activity?
  • What is the makeup of your community? Is it diverse or mainly one social/age/ethnic demographic?
  • Does it provide for all sectors of society – affordable homes, play areas for young children, accessibility for older generations and the less able-bodied?
  • What facilities/amenities are available? Do these meet the community’s wants and needs?
  • What is important to note about schools and education in the area?
  • Health and healthcare?

FINANCIAL: What should we know about your local economy?
Some things you might want to consider:
  • Are there any particularly significant or long-standing employers/industries in the area?
  • Does the community produce any local goods, products, or services?
  • Are there sufficient employment opportunities? Opportunities for growth/innovation?
  • Is there a range of business types and scales? Independent shops and/or chains?
  • Is there enough affordable tenanted space for businesses?
  • Enough affordable housing for residents?