About the process

What is a Local Plan?

We are in the early stages of developing a new Local Plan, which provides a framework for development in Thurrock over the next 10-15 years. The Local Plan covers:


Transport infrastructure improvements

Education facilities

Healthcare provision

Open and green space

Provision for leisure facilities

What we have done so far

We are undertaking widespread consultation at an early stage in the development of the new Local Plan, which aims to hear the views of all those affected by development in Thurrock, as well as infrastructure providers and landowners.

As part of this process, we have undertaken a series of workshops with landowners who submitted sites in each of the eight identified growth areas, as part of the Council’s call for sites process. These workshops provided the opportunity to understand which sites are deliverable, what the strengths of each area are and to understand the opportunities and constraints of development in each of these key areas.

These workshops took place from January to March 2021. Also undertaken from January to March was an initial consultation with residents looking to explore what local people feel the strengths and weaknesses of their area are.

Activity was then paused for the pre-election Purdah period, where consultation had to be paused in line with Government legislation.

The second stage of consultation with the public has launched and we are once again asking for your views on your local area.

As part of this second stage of consultation, further workshops are to be held with key stakeholders, including key community groups.

This workshop process, also referred to as a ‘Charrette’ process– aims to bring a wide range of people into the process of developing the Local Plan. So far, this has included:

  • An internal Council workshop to understand the needs and priorities of all Council services within the Local Plan.
  • An ongoing community-focused survey which is helping us to understand the broader views and aspirations within specific areas of Thurrock. This follows on from our previous conversations through “Your Place, Your Voice”.
  • A series of workshops – with landowners who may wish to promote their sites through the Local Plan process. This helped us to establish what land is available, who owns it, and the broader constraints and opportunities that exist with each one.

Next steps: how you can get involved

We want to engage with people who live and work in Thurrock to understand local aspirations and spark a community-wide conversation on where, when, and how development can and should take place. 

In addition to seeking feedback through the BIMBY survey, we will be holding the next stages of the workshop process with a series of creative workshops with communities in all eight growth areas. These workshops present an opportunity to engage collaboratively and positively with local people to understand their concerns about, and ambitions for, their area.

We want to listen carefully to local people and encourage them to have a say on development alongside professionals and other stakeholders. While acknowledging that following consideration, it may not be possible to implement all suggestions, we hope these workshops will help to build common ground and trust. 

We have partnered with The Prince’s Foundation to implement these workshops through its BIMBY process.