Chadwell St Mary

As part of our recent Issues and Options consultation, the local community was asked to give broad comments on their area. The feedback received as part of this consultation is summarised in the below drawings and bullet points.

  • People do not feel safe especially in the evenings
  • More activities are needed for younger people
  • Outdoor gym and/or exercise facilities are needed
  • Need to provide more facilities around the town like a GP or shop
  • Environment needs to be made more accessible to people with mobility issues and/or prams

We are hosting virtual consultation events for Chadwell St Mary for local residents to attend. These events provide the opportunity to discuss the future of Thurrock. 

Click here to view the dates and times of our upcoming events and to access these sessions.  

While we would love for you to join us at one of our events, if you are unable to attend for any reason, you can still access our virtual exhibition room. This digital consultation area provides further information and links to our consultation exercises.  

Click here to visit our virtual exhibition room.   

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Mapping Quality of Place

Through this activity, we develop a better understanding of how some issues identified in the the survey activity relate to specific locations.

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Please leave a note alongside your pin so that we know what it refers to.

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