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We have identified eight areas in Thurrock where there is both a need and opportunity to generate growth and investment in which to use a placemaking process in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation. We want to ensure, however, this investment supports the aspirations of the existing communities. The areas align with the Call for Sites process and reflect the outcomes of the “Issues and Options” Consultation. 

Building on this previous consultation, we are now seeking updated views from a greater number of residents. The following questions focus on the natural, built, social, and financial assets of your community. Your answers will help the Council understand what is valued locally and where there is need for improvement, thereby enabling them to make a local plan that best serves local residents and workers. 

Please choose your area to complete our Mapdragon exercise, which allows you to pinpoint particular areas where you think there are strengths and opportunities form improvement. Estimated time to complete is 5-10 minutes. 

However, we recognise that there is scope for growth in other areas across Thurrock, including but not limited to North Grays, the Lakeside Basin, Purfleet, Aveley, North Stifford, Grays Town Centre and a potential new settlement at West Horndon. If you do not live in one of these eight growth areas, we still want to hear from you! If you would like to submit comments about other areas of Thurrock please click here